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Kramerica Industries

Kramerica Industries is run by Arni Johannesson, and is primarily an IT consulting business focusing on high-quality modern agile web-development.

Kramerica Industries gathers exceptional freelance IT talent in Denmark in order to solve projects large and small. No challenge is too difficult for us, as we have proven with our extensive track record. We usually work as contractors for advertising agencies and the like.

We specialize in the LAMP stack and all related Open Source technologies, such as Linux, PHP, Javascript & CSS/HTML, Node.js, MongoDB to name a few. Furthermore we have extensive experience in working with a wide range of API's such as the Facebook API, Vimeo API, Google API's, Listhub API, TellUs API and many more.

Kramerica Industries owns Hammertime ApS, which is where we manage all our network infrastructure and subscription products.


Here is a sampling of some of the work we've done. We have many more references, as some have gone offline since we built them or we are prohibited by contract to list them publicly. We hope that this list is enough to convince you we are the right people for the job.



Legoland Billund Resort

Built using Concrete5 and Tumult Hype for HTML5 animations. Fully responsive website with dedicated mobile version. Features custom administration panels, advanced interactions, 5 languages and lots more goodness.

Created in cooperation with Red Ink, and Dandelion & Burdock

Skov Rejser

Responsive travel website offering travel to Danes from German travel agencies. Extremely complicated API integration with lots of handcrafted UI and back-end elements.

Design and basic grids by Dandelion & Burdock

Driven By Creatives

Responsive website with advanced Vimeo integration for a German talent agency. Almost all content is pulled directly from Vimeo for easy management. Uses Concrete5 as the MVC framework / CMS backend.

Built in cooperation with Supertusch CPH

Ulrik Boel Bentzen

Vimeo website for the Cinematographer Ulrik Boel Bentzen. We've built 10+ similar Vimeo-powered websites since.

Built in cooperation with Supertusch CPH

Danske Invest

Campaign website for Danske Invest Dagen 2013. Signup and ticket management, multilingual and more.

Built in cooperation with Supertusch CPH


Major Real Estate website built in Concrete5 featuring Listhub API integration, advanced search and much more.

Built in cooperation with Binary Studios

Think Photography

Responsive website built for Think Photography.


Bespoke Platforms


Custom CMS-like platform for managing page tabs and easily setting up content in Facebook tabs. Used in a myriad of our Facebook solutions.

360 Produkt

Custom Javascript 360 Viewer and product/customer administration along with CDN integration. Built for Think Photography.

Intersport HTML5 catalogues / Publify

Custom HTML5 Catalogue management platform built for Intersport, since spun off as a product as Publify


Custom platform built for Cookieinfo in order to create embed snippets for Cookie warnings.


Campaign / Social

Facebook apps

We've built a great number of Facebook apps and contests, primarly based on our Facebooker platform. Customers include Sex & Samfund, Danske Bank, Jimmy Birdy, Gekås Ullared to name a few.

Share with Care

We built a mobile survey component with back-end management of gathered data for the government initiative Share With Care which surveys the use of copyrighted material among young people.

Built in cooperation with Kl7

Find Giraffen

We built a treasure hunt game for Odense Zoo whereby the contestants would visit a mobile optimized page and then using the built-in GPS were guided to locations around the city in search of codes. When all codes had been found, they were part of the contest. Unfortunately this has since gone offline.

Built in cooperation with Cosmographic


API Integration

Twitter / Facebook

We've done a number of API integrations with the Twitter livestream API's and almost all the Facebook API's. One project which was neat was a rather involved integration with both API's using Node.js which we did for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation ( - that project is covered by an NDA however.

QBrick Facebook Video

We've extended our Facebooker platform with an API wrapper for the Qbrick video API so their customers can show their videos on Facebook and manage them in the QBrick back-end.

Built in cooperation with Supertusch CPH

DigiEyez Facebook Video

DigiEyez (now House & Co) is an asset management company which wanted to deliver video on Facebook via. their platform.

Built in cooperation with House & Co

Traffics / Giata

For the Skov Rejser project we created wrappers and integrated with the Traffics and Giata API's.


For the RealEstateTrade project we created wrappers and integrated with the Listhub API.



LLBR Postcard

For Legoland Billund Resort we built a smartphone-friendly component whereby users can create their own speaking postcard and share with their friends. Features video encoding, advanced javascripting and lots of fallbacks for various devices.

Built in cooperation with Red Ink


Kl7 needed a survey tool which could be triggered when users were leaving a government-built form in order to figure out where users were having problems. The component featured javascripting, HTTPS integration and a reporting back-end.

Built in cooperation with Kl7

Find Store jQuery plugin for Bygma, RBR, Faber and more

We've built a re-usable "Find Store" jQuery plugin component which you can see live here, here and here and which has a great deal of neat features. We built the component with generalization and extensibility in mind, and we've since re-used the same component on many occasions, and are contemplating Open Sourcing it.

RBR fliseberegnere / Catalogue builder

We built a few JS components for RBR in 2011. First we built their online "Tile calculator" which is a tool that enables their customers to quickly and accurately calculate what type and number of tiles they need. See them here and here. The other component we built for them is a totally awesome User Generated Content app, which enables their users to pick out products on their site and generate their own catalogue as a PDF or online e-magazine. Lots of fancy Javascripting went into this component, and some fairly awesome (fast!) serverside PDF generation. Check it out here. (browse their products and check out the eKatalog section on the right)

Open Source

Open Source is our passion but we've often had difficulty finding time to package everything up nicely and contribute back to the ecosystem. Here's a few of the things that have made it through the crucible of an incessant workload.

2014: PasswordX

PasswordX is a web-accessible password management system that doesn't suck. This the first complete system/platform we've released as Open Source. PasswordX features high level of security, fine-grained control of how your passwords and content is stored, advanced sharing and many nifty features makes this an awesome day-to-day password manager for any small business or IT professional.

Check out or visit us at GitHub

2014: Instapreview for Concrete5

A proof of concept Instant Preview package for Concrete5

Check it out at gitHub

2013: OneTwo360 components

We built a range of components which have been Open Sourced for OneTwo360 - a project which has evolved from our 360 product platform.

Check it out at GitHub

2010/11: rtorrent for iPhone (no longer maintained)

rtorrent for iPhone was another weekend project that never really became stellar, but has found a small userbase nonetheless. It is a niche piece of software which enables you to monitor and add torrents on your rtorrent enabled Linux box, using a smarthphone web-interfce.

Check it out at Google Code

2009: detectmyPhone (no longer maintained)

detectmyPhone was a quick weekend project back in the heady, early days of the first smartphones where I built a simple and easy to use handset detection plugin you could use on your own website. It came with a back-end where you could manage redirection rules based on handsets or execute some javascript. The system never really gained any traction, and only has a handful of users to date.

Check it out here

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