Kramerica Industries is no longer a thing.
It has now become Webdock - an innovative hosting company.
We still build stuff, so be in touch if you need us!

arni (@) webdock (.) io
(+45) 27 42 67 29

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Kramerica Industries

Kramerica Industries is run by Arni Johannesson, and is primarily an IT consulting business focusing on high-quality modern agile web-development.

Kramerica Industries gathers exceptional freelance IT talent in Denmark in order to solve projects large and small. No challenge is too difficult for us, as we have proven with our extensive track record. We usually work as contractors for advertising agencies and the like.

We specialize in the LAMP stack and all related Open Source technologies, such as Linux, PHP, Javascript & CSS/HTML, Node.js, MongoDB to name a few. Furthermore we have extensive experience in working with a wide range of API's such as the Facebook API, Vimeo API, Google API's, Mailchimp and Mandrill API, Listhub API, TellUs API, Exerp API, Bording API and many more.

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